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In this Live Show, we turned our attention to how organisations are reshaping and transforming, with a particular focus on prioritising strategic projects in these unusual times. We heard from Organisational Strategist Jane Smith, who works with organisations during times of disruption and innovation will talk us through how to prioritise investment, assessing risk and return against organisational strategy and core mission.


We also heard from our inspiring case study ...
Julia Cambage, CEO, Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)

Julia shared how to bring your board and key stakeholders on the journey, what AIA considered in choosing which projects to invest in now, and what to defer, and how to balance those considerations while still delivering value in a complex membership-based organisation. In a session relevant to large and small organisations alike, she shared some of the trade-offs they made and the practical steps they took to ensure long-term financial sustainability, as well as support the team.