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Data is a precious and valuable asset that can sometimes be overlooked and undervalued. It can help you validate whether your idea for a solution is something that people want or need. And once you roll it out, it can help you understand if it’s making an impact. But what should you measure to understand if you are moving the dial? And if it is making a difference, how can you tell the story of the great work you and your organisation are doing?

It all starts with having the right data and being able to mine that data for insights. In fact, we’d argue data is critical to the success and sustainability of all social sector organisations. It informs who you serve, what you offer, how you do it and how you evaluate, measure and report on the impact of your work. 

There are many elements to consider and our specialists can take the complexity out of it, no matter whether you’re scoping an idea, developing a theory of change or preparing to evaluate a program. They can help you put in place a robust and clear plan to ensure you are collecting key information in a way that allows you to mine the data and then share it with key stakeholders.

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We have been most impressed by the calibre of Specialists from the Collective, and the Concierge support is great too.

Joel Mcguiness,
CEO, Geelong Arts Centre

Service Capabilities

  • Data collaboration
  • Market research
  • Evaluation
  • Outcomes measurement
  • Impact / outcomes reporting
  • Impact / outcomes framework
  • Impact measurement
  • Theory of change
  • Community needs assessment
  • Report writing
  • Surveys / focus groups

Why Benefolk for Insights and impact?

As an organisation established to make it easier for changemakers to make an impact, Benefolk understands the importance of capturing key information and having the frameworks and tools to be able to pull out the key insights, measure, understand and share the impact of the critical work you do.

Our certified, qualified specialists have deep knowledge and understanding of the sector. We know what funding partners are looking for –and we understand what it’s like to be both the team delivering the support, as well as tracking its impact.

We’ve been there too. We also know how important it is to tread lightly with beneficiaries and how to work with them to draw out the impacts beyond simply the numbers.

We will work with you to structure practical tools and frameworks that cater to the sector nuances, at the same time as give you the insights you need to refine the offering and garner further support.

Meet our specialists

Brenda Mainland

Elena Mogilevski

Julianne Rose

Justin MacDonald

Kate Buxton

Kristi Mansfield

Sandy Blackburn

Wes Ward

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