Build knowledge to speak openly about mental health and reduce the stigma of mental illness.

What is Mental Health Literacy?

Mental health literacy builds people's understanding which translates to skills and capability to talk about how people are feeling and their mental health.

Why does this matter?

It matters because much wellness and resilience can be achieved by looking out for each other in the workplace. And it’s one of those topics that can be hidden away. When people don’t realise they are experiencing poor mental health, it can become normalised and harder to take steps towards self care.

What does this look like when it's managed well?

You might see friendly cuppas with colleagues. Colleagues approaching someone they’re concerned about sensitively and skilfully. Daily work practices like personal check-ins in meetings and sharing what’s going on outside work. Here’s what people might feel: Acceptance and being seen. Better after airing a worry. Caring and being cared for. Good folk are around. Proud that the organisation is proactive about mental health literacy. 

To paraphrase Thomas Fuller "Learning how to share our stumbles may prevent a fall."

What does this look like when it's not managed well?

It can look like fear that others will judge you. Like shame that you are feeling like this or worrying that you’re not good enough. It’s the niggle that grows. It can look like there’s nowhere to turn. Work may not feel a good place to be. People may feel guilty that they can’t make self care or mental health a priority. 


Ways to use this module

This module comprises a selection of resources to help your organisation to deepen its understanding of mental health.

  • Watch the video about reducing stigma.
  • Complete a brief module to understand the continuum of mental health and illness.
  • Take steps to build an inclusive culture that supports people at any point on the mental health continuum.
Understand more so you can talk about social and emotional wellbeing and support people close to you.
Author: Beyond Blue
This video explains how mental health stigma impacts people in the workplace.
Fact vs myth: mental illness basics.
Three steps employers can take to build an inclusive culture that supports people at any point on the mental health continuum to thrive.
Complete this module to understand the differences between mental health and mental illness across a continuum and the protective factors that can influence mental health.
Author: SuperFriend
Find a comprehensive library of resources on mental health, relationships, culture, safety and healing.
Author: WellMob
Check out the proppa deadly project, invisible discriminator and support after suicide resources here.
Author: Beyond Blue
Read about the top ten factors involved with workplace mental health


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