Support your organisation by developing and updating policies.

What is Policies?

Policies are high level statements of commitment and intended practices that guide practical decisions and actions in an organisation. They outline the organisation’s rules, standards, values, culture and benefits.

Why does this matter?

Policies provide the foundations to:

  • Guide all aspects of an organisation.
  • Ensure legal compliance and reduce the risk of liability.
  • Provide consistency for staff, volunteers, leaders, clients and stakeholders.
  • Save time and resources, i.e. when policies and procedures are followed, they reduce the risk of workplace incidents.
  • Guide organisations on what to do if, or when, an accident or incident happens.
  • Help organisations manage staff and volunteers effectively by defining what is acceptable and unacceptable in the workplace.
  • Let your staff and volunteers know where to turn for help and create a culture of safety.

What does this look like when it's managed well?

A well-drafted set of workplace policies can protect the organisation’s interests, guide good practices and create a positive workplace culture. When managed well, policies are created to be legally compliant and further policies are in place as relevant for the organisation’s size and type. Policies are reviewed and updated regularly and properly explained to staff and volunteers.

What does this look like when it's not managed well?

A lack of clear policies can have serious impacts and increase the organisation’s reputational and legal risk. The organisation may experience more workplace issues if people make their own rules up. This can lead to inconsistency and can put people’s physical and mental health and safety at risk. It may leave employees and volunteers feeling disempowered, unsure of their legal rights and what to do next.


Ways to use this module

This module comprises a selection of policy resources to support your organisation to prevent workplace issues and minimise harm.

  • Watch the video and read the guide on policy development.
  • Download the policy checklist.
  • Work your way through customising the relevant policies for your organisation.
  • Introduce a mental health and wellbeing policy using the template as a starting point.
  • Check the policy banks for more.
How good policies and procedures can support wellbeing.
Read about the how, who and when of volunteer policy development.
Find out which mental health and wellbeing policies are required, recommended, discretionary and best practice.
Check the 'Our Community' policy bank for additional policies for your organisation.


We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land and waters and their knowledge of the places where we gather to collaborate and strengthen communities. In our work, we recognise the importance of Country, not just as a place, but how it also maintains community, family, kin, lore and language. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. This always was, always will be, Aboriginal land. We support the Uluru Statement from the Heart.


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