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Linda Garnett
14 March 2022

The British businessman James Goldsmith was famous for his many wives and amorous adventures. He once offered this advice after his third marriage, “if you marry your mistress, you create a job vacancy”. When partnerships managers finally get to a yes with a new corporate partner, it’s fair to say you’ve just lost your warmest prospect.

Kristi Mansfield
24 May 2021

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 goals agreed by 193 Member States at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in New York in 2015. Signatories have committed to reaching these goals by 2030.  This article provides context supplemented with observations on how Australia is tracking against the goals and associated indicators.

Kristi Mansfield
30 March 2022

The port-city of Burnie on the north-western coast of Tasmania is a small and vibrant community, rich with inspiring people and stories, and home to a progressive cohort of changemakers with a strong desire to address community challenges and create a brighter future. The Burnie identity is one of hard-working, robust resilience, yet the community has some complex challenges to overcome, including a culture of long-term inter-generational unemployment and education and economic outcomes the community wants to shift.

Kristi Mansfield
05 July 2022

This resource is useful for smaller foundations and not-for-profits with lean teams seeking to increase smaller charitable donations through their marketing efforts. Or, for larger organisations seeking to move away from traditional marketing outreach toward lower-cost digital channels.

Kristi Mansfield
01 February 2022

Community data access and sharing is at the heart of a new Bourke narrative, written and owned by Bourke people.

Kristi Mansfield
19 May 2022

The Australian Data Strategy vision recognises Data as a National Asset, which is cause for celebration. Seer Data & Analytic’s Kristi Mansfield reflects on what this means for communities and Australian society as a whole.

Darren Taylor
16 May 2022

It’s been over 20 years since I majored in Marketing at Swinburne University. How much of what was taught then, still applies now? More importantly, perhaps, how much of what is necessary now to a marketer’s toolkit wasn’t taught in the past, before artificial intelligence, social media and our always-on economy?

Jo Smyth
29 November 2021

Organisations inevitably face the need to change as their customers evolve, transforming markets in unexpected ways.

Wesley Ward
12 October 2021

Throughout my 35-year career in science communication, I’ve regularly been asked “what makes a good research story?” Luckily, I have worked in institutions that encouraged their researchers to develop research ‘for the real world’, both in Australia and overseas.

Julia Keady
25 August 2021

RESET 2020 Research Project - what we learnt and where to next.

Julia Keady
11 August 2021

While preparing to speak about NFPs and innovation for a recent conference, it dawned on me just how prolific the mindset and language of “more” is in our sector: “do more, with less”, “find more donors”, “be more innovative”…


Linda Garnett
14 May 2021

Have you ever travelled on the London underground? In the older Victorian era stations, the new trains don’t quite fit with the platforms. Passengers will hear a cheery voice urging them to ‘mind the gap’. Failure to heed the warning may result in you losing a wallet, a shoe or even half of your leg in the yawing chasm between platform and train entrance. In the gap lies the detritus of 150 years of travel and some enterprising mice with Teflon stomachs. You don’t want to go there.

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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land and waters and their knowledge of the places where we gather to collaborate and strengthen communities. In our work, we recognise the importance of Country, not just as a place, but how it also maintains community, family, kin, lore and language. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.

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