The Xfactor Collective is now Benefolk

After five years as The Xfactor Collective – advocating for changemaker wellbeing, vetting 125 providers nationally, managing 500+ service engagements, and supporting 9000+ organisations with free resources – we have rebranded as Benefolk.

As Benefolk, everything we do will be aligned to our purpose, which is to eradicate changemaker burnout.

We are also delighted to announce that the sector’s first wellbeing and resilience resource hub, The Community Well, is now live, with 80+ new and curated resources at your fingertips. Read the media release here.

Benefolk Foundation replaces The Xfactor Collective Foundation, which remains the only charity focused on the mental health and wellbeing of the social sector workforce.

Here’s what you can look forward to from Benefolk

  • Benefolk Services – Our new-look website is live and designed to make it much easier to see the 100+ professional servicesavailable through Benefolk. We have also renovated our model, so you’ll always have a central point of contact at Benefolk Services. If you have an urgent need or a project to discuss, just book a chat anytime here, or call our friendly team at 1300BENEFOLK (1300 236 336).
  • Benefolk Network – We’ll be opening membershipfor the first time in 18 months, for service providers who want to achieve their impact in a collaborative business community. Register your interest here.
  • Benefolk Resources – Benefolk Foundation will continue to partner with fellow intermediaries, government and philanthropy to expand the resources available to changemakers who cannot afford professional services, training and consultants
  • Benefolk Advocacy – Benefolk Foundation will continue to fly the flag for improved social sector wellbeing outcomes including our recent collaboration with the Australian Scholarships Foundation on the inaugural Wellbeing Governance Award.

As well as …

  • The Community Well: You’ll find resources such as an Organisational Health Check, a Workplace Wellbeing Strategy resource pack and a tip sheet on How to Apply a Wellbeing Lens. The Community Well is also a voice for the sector, as we are strive to mainstream wellbeing governance. 

  • Inspiring webinars: Hear from our clients and specialist community as they provide expert education and tips on how they have successfully implemented or navigated change and challenge. Watch out for our new monthly email updates for more details.

  • A broader range of packaged-up solutions: Pre-packaged solutions will make it easier for you to leverage our know-how on services that are tried and tested in our sector, and get results! 

  • Friends of Benefolk – We will make it easier for you to connect your colleagues with our Benefolk Services team. Every time you do, we’ll share a thank you bonus back to you! Read more here.

  • Great customer service, deep expertise, innovation and collaborative spirit, that The Xfactor Collective became renowned for, and that Benefolk will proudly carry forward.

And for those who are intrigued by our new name and want to know the backstory

 Our new name means ‘good folk’, taking inspiration from the ‘bene’ that permeates our sector – benevolent, beneficiaries, benefactor – and ‘folk’ being the people, the changemakers who inspire us.

 ‘Good folk’ also reflects the nature of the people who are part of Benefolk, as well as those who work and volunteer in the social sector.

 We also love its connotation of good for people – reflecting our Foundation’s mission to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of good folk like you who are the driving force of our sector. Explore the brand story here.

Finally, a very big thank you

Finally, thank you to everyone who has worked with us, backed us and championed us over the last five years.

We have been, and remain, deeply committed to the incredible social changemakers who get up every day to care for our planet and its people. I look forward to continuing to support you, so you can make a lasting impact.

Kind regards,

Julia Keady

CEO / Founder




Thursday, 20 July 2023 11:48


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