A Bit About Me: Creating Value where once there was Nothing

There’s nothing I love more than that little fist-pump moment you get when you create something new, and you get to see that you’ve produced something of value for those for whom you created it!

For me, these kinds of creations usually evolve from ideas that I have come up with to meet a need or fill a gap that I have discovered when working with not-for-profit organisations.

My online Networking Events are a perfect example – these came about after attending an online networking event myself in the depths of the umpteenth COVID lockdown in Victoria.
I found it such a great experience – connecting with people from all over Australia from the comfort of my own office, but (at that time at least) I really wasn’t seeing much of that sort of thing for not-for-profit leaders.
So, seeing the gap, I thought I would create something and see if it resonated with others too…
It turned out that it did, and we had 24 people attend the first hastily-cobbled-together event in September 2021.
The opportunity to connect with others across the country, and to share the challenges we were all facing at the time, as well as the solutions we had found to navigate our way through, proved to be very popular!
And my online networking events for not-for-profit leaders continue, in various ways, to this day!

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My foray into creating value online continued, and in early 2023 I tentatively hosted my first Webinar for not-for-profit leaders. ’10 things you need to know about not-for-profit governance’ was the result and I was gob-smacked to have over 600 people register.
Clearly there is an appetite for this kind of learning too, so in 2024, I have three new webinars (as well as the original one) scheduled on my Events calendar for the year.

My Training Programs for not-for-profit leaders are something that I have been creating for a long time now, and they began as a response to a gap that I experienced myself in finding accessible governance training when I began to take on leadership roles within not-for-profit committees and Boards.
From my original ‘Good Governance for Not-for-profits’ training, my suite of Training Programs has now expanded to include such things as Risk Management, Finance Basics, Succession Planning, and more.
Many of these I also now deliver online, so that people can access them from the comfort of their own homes, and from anywhere in the country (or the world!) that has an internet connection – you can find out more about these on my Events calendar too.

My One-to-one Support Programs came about after hiring a business coach myself. This was something else I came to during COVID and really felt the difference it can make having your own individual support person helping you to explore, expand, and trouble-shoot your way through the challenges of a complex work role.
This transformational experience made me realise I too could create value for others in this way, by sharing my knowledge, my skills, my experience, and my connections with people, and now I do this through my Executive Support Program for senior leaders in the not-for-profit, business and government sectors, as well as my One-to-one Support for Not-for-profit Chairs program. This is such a rewarding way to work more deeply with individual people, seeing the value I can create for them through coaching and mentoring, and helping them navigate their own work and life and find their own solutions along the way.

And now in 2024, I am embarking on creating Executive Retreats for values-driven senior leaders from across the not-for-profit, government and business sectors. These beautifully curated retreats will provide people with a setting and the opportunity to step out of the day-to-day, and reflect, plan, and take care of them selves more…and what could be more valuable than that?
I am especially excited to see these beautiful retreats come to life in the months ahead, and witness the value these special events will create in the lives of those who come and join me in them!

I hope by sharing some of my experiences of creating value where once there was nothing I have given you some inspriation for creating your own great value for others.
So often, especially in the not-for-profit world, it is this creativity and value-creation that enables our organisations to deliver life-changing services and supports from an often extremely limited resource base.

Megan Buntine
01 February 2024

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