Foundation Member Profile: Meet Leanne (or should we say Indiana Jones!)

I first met Leanne Hart at a workshop in the first part of 2018. Listening to her across the table talk about her connection to social purpose and to change-makers warmed my heart. I instantly felt these words emerge in my head – 'heartsmart women and men – and that's the collective I wanted to build. Here's a few questions I posed to Leanne recently so you can get to know her.

"Our society is now at a level where contact with nature has never been more important for our physical, mental, social and spiritual health." – Leanne Hart 

J: How do you describe your work/services?
A: We support social change makers to build and strengthen their people and culture with heart and purpose.   Through coaching, organisational health checks and small group learning, I provide pragmatic, actionable guidance that supports their vision and empowers them to navigate the people challenges that comes with team growth and change.   

J: What or who inspires you?
A: Those young social change makers who see a need and take action, rather than accepting it and doing nothing.    These future leaders inspire, teach, humble and fill me with optimism that they can drive solutions for many of the problems created for them by earlier generations.  

J: What do you love most about your work?
A: The diversity of people I have the privilege of meeting and supporting - it gives me constant opportunities to learn and share experiences with a socially conscious community.  

J: What’s your thoughts on current shape of our society?
A: I remain optimistic that people power will prevail through individuals, communities and business coming together to create the social impact and change that we can’t achieve alone. An increased need for social care, an ageing population, a rise in mental ill-health, degradation of our natural environment, rising inequality and insecurity, changes in work patterns, lack of connectivity - where do we start?  There’s huge opportunity for us to use nature and mindfulness as part of the solution to some of these issues.  

J: What are your great passions in life? 
A: Being an active outdoor adventurer and traveller,, I’m passionate about protecting and maintaining the health of our precious planet.  Our society is now at a level where contact with nature has never been more important for our physical, mental, social and spiritual health.  

J: If you were a movie character, who would you be and why?
A: Probably some crazy mix of Indiana Jones and Dory (from Finding Nemo) because, despite their individual challenges, neither of them were afraid of going to the far lengths in order to meet their dreams.

Julia Keady
05 November 2018

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